Banksy Paste-Ups SpottedWhilst walking down Essex Road in Islington late last year I spotted the posters, displayed below, on the street. So I whipped out the phone and took a couple of pictures before being dragged off. I was surprised to not hear about these on message boards and the like, so thought I would post them here for your comments.

This is not Banksy's core style as he obviously normally uses stencils, but at the same time he has been quoted as saying that he wants to get his work up as quickly as possible and this medium sure would be quick. Are these posters a new departure for Banksy, or have I got it completely wrong?

You can see from the first picture that this is an image Banksy has used in the past to represent himself whilst maintaining his anonymity. Can anyone confirm that these are Banksy's work?

Banksy Paste-Ups Spotted

Banksy Paste-Ups Spotted

Banksy Paste-Ups Spotted

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