Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me - Truth & Soul Remix CD [Island Records]Following the success of Truth & Soul's remix of the Amy Winehouse track "Love Is A Losing Game", Truth & Soul are at it again, this time remixing a track from Australian singer-songwriter Gabriella Cilmi, who is currently touring the UK with the Sugababes.

Whereas the original take of "Sweet About Me" is more straightforward in nature, the remix elevates the song to a new level, adding a soulful groove and incorporating lush instrumentation to the track.

Truth & Soul kicks back the tempo ever so slightly and adds organic instrumental layering, including a tremelo-heavy classic organ sound and an airy slide guitar, giving Gabriella Cilmi the opportunity to let her vocal and lyrical prowess shine, as the track naturally flows between a forward-driving chorus and a laid-back verse section.

Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me - Truth & Soul Remix CD [Island Records]

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