Middle 8 At The Elbow Rooms, LeedsThere is a new night going off in Leeds called the Middle 8. It is going to be at the Elbow Rooms on the 2nd July and will then take place on the first Wednesday of the month. The night is run by or own Analogue, Mike D and Lyrical Dan of Subterrania and Tha PCP from Crackhouse Recordings.

The night is centred around the art of the scratch DJ but the music policy will be eclectic and open-minded and the intention is to make sure that anyone, whatever their taste in music, can come down and have a fun and laid-back night out.

The first three nights (the 1st Wednesday of July, August, September) are absolutely FREE in so don't you dare miss it.

Middle 8 At The Elbow Rooms, Leeds

Middle 8 At The Elbow Rooms, Leeds

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