Kidkanevil - Back Off Man, I'm a Scientist LP [First Word]Kidkanevil, like any good scientist has experimented extensively, has produced a watertight thesis and is ready to prove it to you with ‘Back Off Man, I’m a Scientist’ (out now on First Word Records). Kidkanevil, it seems, set out to prove that the bonds between modern, westernised music and traditional ethnic compositions still exist. He’s compounded and mixed elements of both and, quite organically, grown a hybrid form of music.

Hip Hop is used more sparingly on this sophomore album, allowing soul, funk and electro to have more of an impact on the resulting concoction. Immediately noticeable is the reliance on rhythm and percussion - a thread that runs throughout the album’s 10 tracks. Multi-rhythmic compositions form more than half of each track, many utilising more primitive drum sounds than the average release.

The starkly contrasting electronic sounds probably should be out of place, but this is science, and you can’t argue with science - it works - Kidkanevil probably shouted ‘Eureka!’.

Stand out tracks include the raw soul opener ‘Stomp’ which features the singer of Kidkanevil’s band (Justin Percival of Stateless) and ‘R.I.P.’ featuring Leeds rappers Double D Dagger. ‘When I Dig’ is a neo-soul potion featuring Cali MC Blu doing a mockney accent and ‘Black Bug’ is electro / funk / pop of the purest form (if that’s possible!).

The title’s warning against hostility is absolutely unnecessary; no-one will be confronting him questioningly about this solid release. There should be no decision involved in buying this now, you’ve heard how good it is, go buy it!

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