Cesar Comanche - Hands High 12When I heard that 9th Wonder produced this track I immediately thought OK then this has got to be one of those easy-listening tracks that just makes you nod your head. This track is the definition of Hip-Hop. Easy to listen to makes you feel positive about Hip-Hop it shows that Cesar is bringing back what Hip-Hop has lacked for a long time.

His flow is fresh and just flows effortlessly the way he laces together a simple chorus together with the beat makes this one of those tracks that are going to stay in my mind for a long time now and I'm definitely going to bump this when the album drops!

The tune has a simple repetitive guitar hook and beat but its been produced so that Cesar can rap over it and everything fits, 9th wonder and Cesar make a good team on this and I'm hoping that '09 will see more of this talented artist and if he is going to improve and get better and if that' the case then I say I can't wait!

Definitely look out for the album "Die In Your Lap" that drops on the 24th February 2009!

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Cesar Comanche

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