Audio Two - Top Billin' 7" [First Priority Music US]Fuck the Swiss Family Robinson! The most enterprising Robinson family hails from NYC. And they’re repping Brooklyn, bitch! Independent label First Priority Music was founded by Nat Robinson in 1986, a basic studio was set up and his wide eyed progeny, Kirk and Lana, subsequently exploded onto the rap map as Milk D and MC Lyte.

Although the clan has presided over many a vintage 80’s banger (from Alliance to Positive K) and even a few more contemporary commercial smashes (including the ghastly Eamon hit ‘I Don’t Want You Back’) their defining moment is, unequivocally, Audio Two’s ‘Top Billin’ - a timeless Hip Hop classic that perfectly nets the raw essence of what it is to rhyme over beats.

Daddy-O of Stetsasonic infamously helped pioneer ‘accidental’ production by mis-looping the Honey Drippers drum break to devastating effect while Milk lays the blueprint for quotable braggadocio. Sampled to death and reissued countless times, it still sounds so good. For the purposes of nostalgia it surfaces here on a neat 7 inch flipped with the resplendent accapella. Nice!

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