Enhance iPhone Speaker SoundLet there be sound... for the iPhone. To help iPhone users get the most out of their speakers (especially while using the fun gaming apps and DJ apps available), Ten One Design has developed the SoundClip - the world's first passive sound enhancer for the multi-touch device.

The curved design guides the sound toward the user, amplifying audio quality by 10 dB between 5kH and 20kHz, and prevents the users hand from blocking the speaker.

SoundClip clips into the dock connector using a special clip type. It is easily removed for charging.

It's available at http://www.tenonedesign.com for just $7.96.

Ten One Design make other products apart from the SoundClip, including the Pogo Stylus and the new Pogo Sketch for Macbook trackpads.

TenOne Soundclip

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