Bare Beats - I Won't Sleep Again Part I (The Film Score) CD [Takaba Records]I Won’t Sleep Again’ is a new four part EP project from the abstruse London producer Bare Beats (The Kemistry / Bare Smoke). Picking up crazy synthesizers and random live instruments, Beats creates some awkward yet soul-felt productions leaving his sampler in the corner feeling like an abandoned puppy.
Beats is joined on the first EP by fellow Kemistorian Kemi Akinbola (The Kemistry) who laces 'Slippin’ with her unique soulful voice and lyrics, Modulok (Red Ants / Takaba Records) who offers his unique flow and charisma on 'I Stay Awake' and 'Clap Ya Hands', UK veteran Clarity who blesses 'The Great Escape' and finally Rosie Greenwood, whose soulful voice effortlessly rides over ‘I Was Just…’ and the dream like intro ‘Never Gona Sleep’.

Release Date: 18th October 2010

Track List:

01. Never Gona Sleep feat Rosie Greenwood
02. I Stay Awake feat Modulok
03. Slippin’ feat Kemi Akinbola
04. The Great Escape feat Clarity
05. I Was Just … feat Rosie Greenwood
06. Clap Ya Hands feat Modulok
07. Crave You feat Kemi Akinbola

Bare Beats - I Won't Sleep Again Part I (The Film Score) CD [Takaba Records]

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