Inja - Laters Later 12" [INR]Gearing up for his 2011/12 album release: Bass Music Adventure / Escapism, Inja steps up his pace with the first single Laters Later, crossing channels and genres in an explosive hook up with Northern French / Belgian bass fanatics, Allouette Street records. A rave-bound blend of grime, dubstep and industrial electronics from Lille production duo Hungry Studio grips Inja's renowned lyrical hyper-activity to create a perfect, thumping compromise of UK grime, rap, European electronics and pure bass music adventuring.

Next up is Pepper Sauce, a single to wet our appetites and dance floors as Inja turns up the heat a little, relaxes a little and takes to the streets carnival style. The track is an explosive collaboration, blending the reggae production of Northern French DJ Edsik (Allouette Street Records) with Inja's lyrical hip-hop mastery. Pepper Sauce is a perfect example of this emcees ability to float rhymes seamlessly across styles and seas, to uplift crowds and - something hip-hop tends to forget - have a f*cking laugh now and then. Inja comes back to his beloved reggae roots with style in this search for his number one dietary requirement.

Release Date:

Download: 7th November 2011
Physical: 28th November 2011

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