Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships EvolveAfter more than a decade of success, the B-Boy Championships is evolving, and with new title sponsor, Sony Ericsson, is now breakin’ the mould with new formats and features in this year’s line-up.

Following the introduction of the Sony Ericsson ‘Regional Conflict’ national eliminators, which enabled crews from around the country to showcase their break dancing skills to earn the right to represent the UK at the world finals (won by London’s Soul Mavericks), a new dedicated B-Boy site, uBattle ( ), has been created to fulfil the global demand from fans to see and create their own battles.

uBattle will provide an outlet for the b-boy community to ‘Challenge Everyone’, allowing users from around the world to upload videos of their own street skills, including break dancing, DJing, MCing or whatever elements they like. Open to all from top pro’s to bedroom b-boys out for fame, the battles will be decided by public vote.

The introduction of ‘Regional Conflict’ and uBattle are both intrinsically linked to the UK B-Boy Championships – World Finals, and the growth of the event has meant that a new format needed to be introduced this year. The preliminary knock-out rounds and warm-up jam will happen on Saturday 13th October at the Ocean Music Venue in Hackney, with the World Finals taking place at the Brixton Academy on Sunday 14th October. Both days will be hosted by Hip Hop legends Crazy Legs (Rock Steady Crew) and Africa Islam (Universal Zulu Nation), who have overseen the explosion of the B-Boy scene worldwide.

Hooch, who runs the Championships said; "Over the past decade or so the B-Boy Championships have grown every year, and recently the scene has really been exploding. With the involvement of our new title sponsors Sony Ericsson, we have been able to take the Championships to the next level".

Sony Ericsson’s sponsorship of the U.K B-Boy Championships coincides with the launch of the W580i Walkman® handset, which couples the brands high end music phone experience with the style, flair and individuality of the B-Boy scene. Available in Urban Grey or Style White the W580i will store up to 470 full-length tracks, and enable physical performance to be measured whilst listening to your favourite tunes on the move.

Sony Ericsson B-Boy Championships Evolve

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