Cool Calm PeteOut of the wreckage of a broken junk-bot, emerges unscathed, Cool Calm Pete. One third of the underground outfit Babbletron, Calm Pete is the one whose words come slower. The precision of slow flow may be lost on some, but to the big brain females out there, here comes trouble. His new album, ‘Lost’ is going to ring bells like  Bob James on the first four bars of ‘Mardi Gras’.

While a child running wild through the streets of New York City, this Queens traditionalist MC studied the manuscripts. Calm Pete understands the last 15 years of rapping. He doesn’t rhyme for the sake of riddling, because he knows better. Calm Pete carries weight. The weight of not being an idiot. He understands his words, he understands his rhyme scheme, he understands why he raps and he understands why he makes beats. There are few other MCs that are as well versed without coming off like a nerd. It is all balanced because the slow words come from a quick tongue planted firmly in his cheek. Imagine Stanley Kubric and Chevy Chasen figured out how to use Pro Tools and wanted to make a smart hip hop album.

Cool Calm Pete - Lost CD 

01. Intro
02. Lost
03. The List
04. Cloudy
05. WindSprints
06. Cool Calm Science
07. F@#$%^&!*k Yooooouuuu ft. Thirstin Howl & Lathia black
08. Two a.m.
09. New Jack Biddie feat. Jaymanila & Jungle Mike
10. Tune In
11. Lost Interlude
12. Dinner And A Movie
13. Brush P.S.A. ft. Jungle Mike
14. Wishes and Luck
Cool Calm Pete
His name tells volumes. Composed, subtle, logical, and deliberate, Cool Calm Pete’s name lives up to his character. Fearless through confidence, not compromise, he is rarely a victim of circumstance. In music anyway, that means he does shit on purpose and he does it his way.

One of the 3 members of the critically acclaimed group Babbletron. Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Queens. Attended the esteemed Cooper Union and received his BFA in fine art. Hard working, Pete is productive and prolific, impending musical projects include The Defenders and a follow up Babbletron EP. His musical inspirations start and end at Queens rap. Queens rap rules. Golden age hip hop. soul, motown, jazz and all the usual rap producer stuff all the way to classical pianists like Vladamir Horowitz all in between. The album is also Pete's production debut, so peep the beats. There's also fresh production from fellow Defenders Doc Strange, Ed Live, as well as Babbletron's ground breaking DJ Pre.

Definitive Jux is proud to announce the exclusive licensing of Cool Calm Pete's debut solo ‘Lost’ for release in the UK and Europe from Embedded MusicCool Calm Pete's debut has been met with critical acclaim in the U.S. and Definitive Jux has high hopes for the album's potential in the untapped markets across the Atlantic.

Cool Calm Pete's debut solo album ‘Lost’ coming way early 2006!

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