Ikes - BiographyThe United Kingdom’s very own Ikes, “The Prince of Pop Culture”, has arrived and is ready to accentuate his lyrical content and the performance aspect of his music. Born Kevin Ogbodo, this artist has accepted his task of bringing forth truth through music and stirring the hearts of the masses. Ikes’ musical microcosm was crafted by his Father, who immersed the entertainer at a young age.

Ikes began composing his lyrical technique at the tender age of fourteen. He refined his technique while lyrically jousting with his friends at school. By sixteen years of age, Ikes was booked to perform for several events. Although, Ikes possessed an innate musical ability, his musical aspirations came second to his first love which was soccer.

IkesHe played the right-footed striker / winger at a semi-professional level and had trials for professional clubs; until he endured severe lower back pain that inevitably forced Ikes to relinquish his career as a professional soccer player. Emerging during a time, on the periphery of London’s borough of Hackney, where it is difficult to stay off of the streets, but easy to befall victim to the traps of society, Ikes persevered through adversities and temptations.

Realising the importance of education and the ever-present ideals that were instilled in him by his parents; Ikes did A levels in Mathematics, Economics and Sociology at Sir George Monoux College. He is currently initiating his third and final year at Brunel University, studying for his financial mathematics degree.

Fuelled by the devastating loss of his close friend, due to a violent crime, Ikes harkened himself to his therapeutic musical aspirations and rekindled his strides towards pursuing his musical career. The versatile rapper has something for everyone and he brings his own distinguished style into the mix. “I am real! What you hear in my rhymes is a reflection of my heart and imagination, my diary”, states Ikes.

Acknowledging the dearth of UK hip hop / rap artists in the industry, Ikes is an artistic and relentless artist who believes in his craft. The Prince of Pop Culture walks boldly into his upward ascension embracing his destiny, and he will not stop until he leaves his mark on the hip-hop industry.

Gettin’ It On, 2006
Where Do We Go, 2006
After I Put My Game On, 2006
Around The World, 2006
Goin’ Crazy, 2006
Heaven Are For Those, 2006
A Spanish Tale, 2006
Love For the Game, 2006
Never Love Again, 2006
One Day, 2006
Livin’ To Die, 2007
Just Like This, 2007
Not Like Us, 2007
Brand New, 2007

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