DMC World DJ Championships 2007 ResultsThis years DMC World DJ Championships took place at the brand new venue inside the old Millennium Dome site, the Indigo2. With a couple of thousand fans in attendance the Saturday saw DJs from around the globe battle it out for the title of World Supremacy.

Going head to head, trash talking their opponents, speaking with only their hands the DJs progressed through rounds to discover who deserved the title. Winning with a punishing performance American entrant DJ Shiftee took home the prize, beating French entrant DJ Or D’oeuvre to the punch.

The Team battles were intense, as the intricacies involved command more concentration. Swapping places, reaching around each other to keep the scratches alive and displaying some impressive turntable dexterity Japanese duo Kireek took the top spot eschewing all manners of attitude, scratches and musical genres.

Sunday saw the big one, the battle where 25 of the best DJs from around the world get six minutes to prove why they were chosen to represent their nation. After all the DJs had performed, Germanic wonder DJ Rafik proved to be the most accomplished and scooped the $10,000 prize and was crowned the deserved World DMC Champion by DMC don, Tony Prince.


  • World DJ Championships:
    Winner: DJ Rafik (Germany)
    2nd Place: DJ Yasa (Japan)
    3rd Place: DJ Fly (France)
  • World Team Championships:
    Winner: Kireek (Japan)
    2nd Place: Exodus (Germany)
    3rd Place: Trauma Team (France)
  • World Battle For Supremacy:
    Winner: DJ Shiftee (Usa)
    Runner Up: DJ Or D'oeuvre (France)

Big up to UK entrant JFB, offically the 5th best DJ in the world. Congratulations to the winners and to all of those involved.

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