Miss Tofelees - Demo Beats CD [White]Whether you admit it or not, the time has come for drummers to steadily gain control of every musical genre. As hip hop producers, it is important to recognise and acknowledge this beautiful, beautiful fact. Miss Tofelees’ composition reflects a respect for this.

As seen on aptly named tracks such as 'Brazil' and 'Guitar'. The drumbeats work with the music. But they don’t imitate it. They compliment it like freezes in a b-boy freestyle. And they vary. She doesn’t find one solid beat, and, like so many producers I’ve come across, literally copy and paste it into the next 6 tracks she creates. This is purely due to her obvious hunger for fresh beat meat.

Another thing, during my first listen I found myself being reminded of the random 7 year old who hopped up next to me on the train, declaring proudly – “I Dress Myself”. This comparison is meant with no disrespect. What I’m trying to explain is the core attitude in hip hop that makes it so incredible is something Miss Tofelees is galvanised in. It’s the idea that all of us – producers, breakers, graffers, MCs, DJs. Whatever. We will never meet our own standards. There is no such thing as completion or perfection. We continually trying to get that new scratch down, get a few more turns in that flare, reach that spot on the wall that’s just a bit higher. Yet, when we reach the battle floor, or hop on stage, we proudly express the talents we have nurtured so obsessively; like we rule the game.

I listen to the album and I see a proper buck colourful Montana graff wall. However, once in a while, I notice some immature black spray tag, reading something ingenious like ‘gimp’; scarring the rest of the design painfully. It’s these points on several of her tracks that are just crying out for a vocalist to lick of those tags and make the excitement each track brings initially, last past the first ten bars.

I absolutely guarantee that all working partnerships will smash you in the face like a crash cymbal. And at live performance be sure to expect comic stripesqe exclamations above the lady in question, reading “POW!”, “KAZAM!” and my personal favourite – “MOJOJOJO!”

Look out for bangingly magnificent collabs with the legends that are Northern Hostility and yours truly avec the rest of the Bradford Rhythm Riots crew…

But the best bit? She’s always looking for minting MCs, singers and instrumentalists to work with. So, those of you with serious talent, or enough passion to create talent that needs expansion and opportunity.

Now is the time.

Because if you always do what you always did.

You’ll always get what you always got.

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Miss Tofelees

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