UKStreetSounds Presents Deadly Divas Vol.2 CD [UKStreetSounds]UKstreetsounds are back with their second monthly instalment compilation which is entitled Deadly Divas Vol 2. Deadly Divas comprises of female MC s and singers established & breaking through who have been showing for a long time that they have the skills, lyrical flow and presence to sit comfortably alongside their male counterparts.

Deadly Divas features the likes of Ms Dynamite, No Lay, Baby Blue, Shystie, Lady Fury, Tor, Laurissa, and many more.

Deadly Divas Vol.2 was out October 8th and is available to buy from Itunes, 7Digital, HMV Digital, Virgin Digital, 3 Musicstore, and all UK mobile networks.

The first in the series of compilations was entitled Lords Of The Underground. The success of Lords Of The Underground was phenomenal, it managed to achieve number 8 on the iTunes chart, it also received a banner on iTunes hip-hop page, featured artists on 3mobile, front page coverage on HMV digital, editorial and Main feature on Urban page Virgin digital.

This LP with its unique angle is set to do have the same success and show how much female talent we have on these shores.

Look out for the next three instalments which are:

Top Selectors: The big guns. Household names who have broken through, crossed over and championed the UK scene across the UK & internationally.

Street Soul Stars: On the smoother side of the tracks, this collection features the finest UK street soul, RnB and 2 step. Having set clubs & radio alight on the underground for many years now, UK street soul is now ready for a global platform.

Nu Skool: About to blow. The youngest and the latest exciting talent from the UK street.

UKStreetSounds is a massive underground brand that supports UK music in partnership with Touch Magazine, Pyroradio and Urbanworld and has world wide distribution producing a monthly compilation of the hottest UK acts.

Look out for the compilation on iTunes, 7 Digital, HMV Digital, Virgin Digital, 3 Musicstore, all UK Mobile networks and 500 online retailers worldwide. For more information please check out:

UKStreetSounds Presents Deadly Divas Vol.2 CD [UKStreetSounds]

Track Listing:

01. No Lay - She On Dubs
02. Lady Fury ft Ghetto - Furious Ghetto
03. Tor - Many Melodies
04. Shystie - Solo
05. Mellody - Regular Lover
06. Ms Bratt - Give It 2 Em
07. Baby Blue - Sometimes
08. Pariz 1 ft YBM - We Stand Tall
09. Nyah - Memories
10. Baby Blue, No Lay, Shystie, Ms Dynamite - Kick You Out (rmx)
11. Laurissa - Gonna Get There
12. No Lay - Swagger
13. Lady Fury - Wifey Riddim
14. Shystie ft Baby Blue - She's A Ho
15. No Lay - Snide MCs
16. Laurissa - Shorty
17. Nyah - 99 Bars
18. Lady Fury - Freestyle

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