Council Dukes - New Streetwear Label Is BornYou can be the meanest bully in the yard, but it's always the smart guy that wins out. Its cunning and wit who are your friends if you want to get to the top. Council Dukes, typifies all that is admirable about these kinds of people - the gentleman thief, the geezer, the cheeky conman who'll rob you blind with a smile on his face.

With a lineage stretching from Robin Hood to the Artful Dodger and Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid to Terry Thomas, history has favoured the smart aswell as the brave. Born on a warm Summer's morning in 2007, Council Dukes is fast developing into one of the most sought after street brands in the UK. Guest designers have already been secured for the spring / summer launch including popular illustrator and designer Twiy.

Limited to just 100 units of each colour and design, these tee's are fast selling out in the cooler pockets of the music industry, and have a growing range of followers from the hip hop community, including Blind Alphabetz (Silent Soundz), Skrein (Dented), Sparo, Pyrelli, Verb T and The Last Skeptik.

The heavyweight tee comes with fully labelled neck and hem / sleeve tags of the Council Dukes logo to prove its authenticity. The 100% cotton fabric is extremely durable and will not fade or lose shape after a spin. The first limited edition collection is available in black and gold, green and grey / white and clay with full Council Dukes logo as well as the white ‘Keyboard’ tee. All T-shirts are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Council Dukes is available from Wyld Pytch stores, and

Council Dukes

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