MarkMerkaFord coming off the back of a successful electronic project has transformed once again to become Mystic Man as he teams up with MC Esher. Mark has previously produced remixes for the Dub Pistols, Unique 3 and Blatta & Inesha as well as having previously dropped his own LP entitled Beserka.

Now for his next LP, Heavy Weather, which is due for release next February, Mark has introduced more of a Hip Hop feel, with the lyrics being provided by Jon Driver aka Eshermanjaro. He is presently studying for a PhD, so you should be on the look out for some intriguing lyrics.

The debut single from the LP is Cheshire Cat which has a large production of multilayered sounds and a suspiciously Happy House piano riff. There is a swing feel to the drums, but for me this feels a bit dated really, to my ears harking back to the late 90’s especially with the sung vocal refrain.

The remix is provided by Gella who has produced a bass riddled, but more electronic biased offering. The beat is heavier, but a bit drum machine-ish and the bass more funky, but there are unnecessary equaliser / vocoder effects which detract from the simplicity. With its harder edge this is probably the version that will get the most spins.

With the rumour being that a funk re-edit is set to drop and do damage in the clubs this release is set for a long lifespan.

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