Backup Radio - BiographyBackup Radio is a metal band with an MC and DJ, or a rapper with a live band, depending how you want to see it. Rock and rap crossing over isn't a new thing, they have been closely linked since raps conception back in the 80’s. This is its latest and best incarnation with a distinctly British twang.

Backup Radio was originally formed by guitarist / vocalist Karl Morey of Crossflow Recordings and DJ Philly Blunt with the intention to blend rap, breakbeat and old skool breaks with heavy guitar driven song writing. After a few line-up changes, David McMillan and Tom Flinders joined on bass and drums respectively, finally providing a solid rhythm section. Last and by no means least, MC and singer Matty Hanson completes the set. After great chart success in the nineties as MC Fusion with Credit To The Nation, Matty took time out to assume his role as father and bring up his son. Lyrically articulate and as passionate as ever, he is back in the alternative arena to continue his journey as front man with Backup Radio.
The debut single ‘Ghost Town’ will be available late February, along with a breaks remix by Keen Kutters, soon to be followed by the debut Album ‘Blood In The Water’.

Backup Radio

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