I would be happy to receive any demo you have, see above, but I guess though that you are really trying to get through to the Low Life Label, in which case you need to mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and they can give you an address for demos.

Otherwise just follow the links off my site and it should put you in contact with a lot of people.

youtube bhh channel

Selected Articles:

Black Orpheus DVD [Second Sight]
Black Orpheus DVD [Second Sight]

This is a 1959 retelling of the Greek Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, set in Rio at the time of the  [ ... ]

Wireless 2009 - Chipmunk Interview [Video]
Wireless 2009 - Chipmunk Interview [Video]

Rivmixx is a website that allows you to watch, create and share music videos for free on MUZU.TV. Ri [ ... ]

Niven Govinden
Niven Govinden

Ex-urban music promoter and film maker, Niven Govinden’s second novel “Graffiti My Soul& [ ... ]

Highly Rated - Blackstars CD [Highly Rated Enterta...
Highly Rated - Blackstars CD [Highly Rated Entertainment]

It takes a lot to be proud of who you are for many of today’s youth. Especially with a lack of [ ... ]

Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice LP [First W...
Homecut - No Freedom Without Sacrifice LP [First Word]

No Freedom Without Sacrifice: never has a more beautiful flower sprung up from the dirt of UK Hip Ho [ ... ]



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