Klashnekoff Performance At The Gramophone Bar 29th NovemberThe Gramaphone Bar was nearly at full capacity when Stylah and fellow Poisonous Poets, Tony D and Reveal walked on stage with their collection of tracks to perform. They started with a group track 'Here I Am' which got the crowd ready for the rest of the heat that the Poets were about to unleash. Stylah performed 'Snips In The Mix' though without the ever poisonous DJ Snips and the energy was accelerated.

He then went into an accapella which featured some of the best lyrics heard that night such as "I know it's hard to stomach, like drugs you smuggled through. But your X is after me like the letter W". There was no doubt in any crowd members mind that Treading Water (Stylah's forthcoming LP scheduled for release any time now) is going to be phenomenal.

When Stylah and the present Poets left the stage it was time for the main attraction of the night. K-Lash walked onto the stage and was quick to get the crowd singing along to classics like 'Zero' and 'B 4 U Die'. The venue was lit up by the interaction between Klashnekoff and those who knew the lyrics to all of his songs. He then went into a call and response of "T-T F To the D-E-F" and explained to the crowd that Kyza left Terra Firma by e-mail and that for that he gets no stripes. He also stressed that Skribblah did not need to be there with him as he is an artist in his own right and not a hype man.

He then performed 'TF 2 Da Def' and went into several tracks from Focus Mode as well as his verse on 'Parrowdice'. Klash's performance was trademark of him on the night with energetic rapping, crowd participation and impromptu singing (in the Caribbean accent of course). Inevitably, the time came for his biggest hit 'Murda' and it sparked a reload. Though the crowd were joining in, it felt lifeless compared to a few years back when people were flying about the place when Murda was played. And though the energy was ecstatic, it wasn't as ecstatic as it could have been even though most in attendance – black, white, male female were still with Klasnekoff.

During the performance, Klashnekoff only played one track, 'My Life' from his newest LP, 'Joe Buhddha presents Lionheart – Tussle with the Beast'. He mentioned that the label want him to add 3 tracks to it and re-release it. He was limited to only this song as his DJ didn't have the instrumentals (tut tut). Klash also done the 'Git Down Remix' acapella before he performed it with the beat but failed a few times, forgetting the lyrics and the fact that the track was ultra double-time. Beat Butcha, the alchemist that cooked up the track was in attendance and got a shout out from the pioneer of hip-hop in the UK...

All in all, it was an enjoyable night. The crowd left with a distinct feeling that they got to hear the best of the new UK scene and the best of the classic and most that I spoke to, felt that they got their money's worth.

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Klashnekoff Performance At The Gramophone Bar 29th November

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