One Be Lo - Gray CD [Subterraneous]The only track on The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. to feature live instrumentation, "Gray" is a highly conceptual, somberly optimistic anthem for both the struggling youth and the lingering old school heads. From the jazz saxophone to the myriad literary devices to the early '90s hip-hop references, One Be Lo's single speaks - though not exclusively - to a generation often neglected in rap, the adults.

The second verse exemplifies Lo's ability to speak to both the young and the old, as he articulates the struggle of a bi-racial girl: "Family on the light side, don't accept the dark side/ Sorta like Apartheid, pass each other by like The Pharcyde/ 'FatLip' like her daddy, flat butt like her mammy".

While some of the references in "Gray" might go over the head of a younger listener, the message nonetheless resounds with passion and clarity. Says One Be Lo, "We all experience gray in our lives, but it's for a reason, and it's never permanent". Expect to have "Gray" on repeat, and don't be surprised if this jam becomes an uplifting concert closer.

One Be Lo

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