Akrobatik - Absolute Value CD [Fat Beats]The new album from Boston hip-hop mainstay Akrobatik and follow-up to 2003's Balance, Absolute Value takes the listener on a journey through his diverse range, and he does not go at it alone. An impressive list of guest artists and producers that accompany Ak on Absolute Value include hip-hop legends, some of today’s most powerful contemporary names, and members of the underground elite.

Talib Kweli, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Mr. Lif, Bumpy Knuckles, and Little Brother headline a guest list that would leave any true hip-hop fan brimming with excitement. It all comes off as if Akrobatik is conducting an orchestra of some of the most talented and respected artists in the game.

With Absolute Value, Akro deals with issues both personal and socio-political, but never strays too far from his fist-pumping, party-inducing formula for bangers. The effects of life on the road, enlightening misguided youth, perseverance through the toughest of times, and the continuing struggle of Black America are among the issues Akro tackles on Absolute Value.

And with production from the likes of J-Dilla, Illmind, Beatminerz, 9th Wonder, Hezekiah, J-Zone, and more, Akro has the perfect backdrops to get his points across while keeping the funk totally intact.

Track List:

01. A to the K (feat. B-Real, prod. Illmind)
02. Soul Glo (prod. Da Beatminerz)
03. Put Ya Stamp On It (f/Talib Kweli, prod. J Dilla)
04. Step it Up (prod. Hezekiah)
05. Rain (f/Brenna Gethers, prod. Illmind)
06. Be Prepared (f/Little Brother, prod. 9th Wonder)
07. Absolute Value (prod. J-Zone)
08. Black Hell Breaks Loose (f/Therapy & Willie Evans Jr., prod. Therapy)
09. Kindred (f/Chuck D, prod. Illmind)
10. Front Steps Pt. II (Tough Love) (prod. Tzarizm)
11. Beast Mode (f/Mr. Lif, prod. Fakts One)
12. If We Can't Build (f/Freddie Foxxx, prod. Illmind)
13. Ak B. Nimble (prod. Baba Izreal)
14. Back Home to You (prod. Therapy)

Akrobatik - Absolute Value CD [Fat Beats]

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