Soundscapes: LondonGina Geoghegan is currently studying for a BA at Chelsea College of Art and Design. She is working on a sound project based on the concept of Chinese Whispers. The project initially started with a 10 second segment of noises recorded around London, and from that the idea is to get various artists and noisemakers to improvise a piece.

It works like this: One artist listens to the 10 sec sample. He / She then gets 1 minute to improvise something. Then the last 10 seconds of that recording are taken and given to the next artist, so on and so forth. Now, the concept is to get as many different noise makers as possible to be part of this.

So far the project has contributions from piano composers, foley artists, construction workers and buskers. Gina thinks that, ‘the piece would really benefit from having someone who beatboxes. If you are interested, or can think of someone who might want to participate call me!’

There will sadly be no compensation in the form of money for your time, however at the end of the project everyone who contributed will be supplied with a DVD and CD of the collaboration, and everyone will be listed in the booklet.

Gina also has an ambition to have a screening of the film at a venue, where everyone has the chance to meet everybody else. Additionally, the artists may of course use their pieces should they choose to do so in any other regard, Gina states, ‘it's your work, not mine’.

The recordings take place on location, and only take approx 30 minutes all in all, with set up of cameras etc. The pieces are to be filmed and sound recorded, so contributors faces, fingers or whatever will be filmed.

Also, note that the project has a very limited time span. The entire project needs to be completed in two weeks maximum, so if you do wish to participate, email Gina now.

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If you are interested but would like to see some of the stuff that Gina has done previously check out her blog:

youtube bhh channel

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