Killa KelaWhat more is there to say about Kela? Plenty actually: Pharrell Williams (The Neptunes/NERD) and Justin Timberlake think he’s the best in the world; his Rave Of The Future 10” is out now damaging record shop shelves along with the most original mix CD you’ve heard in yonks (The Day That Shook The World); his Spit Kingdom empire is now global with club dates all over Europe and constant bookings in just about every country there is and this tour is to promote his incredible new album Elocution - out on Sony/BMG from October 10th.

The full Spit Kingdom sound system will be in maximum effect - MC Trip, Rookwood, Spider J and DJ Skelektrix know how to rock this juggernaut til the wheels fall off. It’s possibly the best show in the world and would you believe his show is now actually bigger and better than it was before? Tell everyone you know to bring absolutely anyone they know because this is the one show where being disappointed is impossible.

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