One Stop Shop Round UpOver five hundred producers and industry professionals congregated last weekend in downtown Phoenix for the One Stop Shop conference masterminded by the Money Management Group. Panels which included Swizz Beatz, DJ Premier, DJ Toomp, Mr. Porter, Lenny S (Def Jam), Arif Gursel (Microsoft  /Zune), Shalik Berry (Universal) and Wendy Day plus many more kept the attendees busy for the two day duration.

'What people have to remember is that we as producers are the tightest of fraternities', said North Carolina's 9th Wonder and looking around the room it was evident that 9th's statement rang true for all those who had come out to network and promote at the second annual conference of this kind.

'The best part had to be producers acknowledging and thanking our team for the positive energy & atmosphere. When there's over 400 young black men, connecting & building amongst themselves and other cultures, you can't help but  feel proud. What's better than providing a productive place for our future hit-makers? Can't wait to put it down again next year'. - Kisha, MMG Marketing Director

'The One stop Shop Producer Conference is what any artist, A&R or music executive should be attending and taking advantage of. Not going isn't an option for me. I can meet and hear music from all the new upcoming producers as well as keep in touch and connect with the A list established super Producers like DJ Premier, Swizz Beats, DJ Toomp and Denaun Porter. Being that these producers live in different cities on top of being really hectic, it usually takes me weeks and sometimes months to meet with them but at the One Stop Shop, I can knock it out in two days. Works for me. I wouldn't miss it for anything'. - Lenny S (Def Jam)

One Stop Shop - Audience

The highlight of the One Stop Shop was the I-Standard hosted Beat Battle which saw four producers face off in front of a celebrity panel of judges which was made up of DJ Toomp, No ID, DJ Premier, Ninth Wonder, Swizz Beatz, Don Cannon, Mr. Porter and Touch. The finalists in this years battle were Canei, M-Phazes, S-1 and Dual Output whose creativity was applauded by both the crowd and the judges.

The unanimous winner decided upon not only by crowd participation but by a panel responsible for over 100 million records sold was the Australian based M-Phazes. His usage of a Notorious Big sample on the eleventh anniversary of  rappers demise was a great tribute to a Hip-Hop legend, "Hands down to M Phazes, he is about to go through a great phase in his life". - Sha Money XL

"My best regards go to the producer of the Beat battle in phoenix, he had some hot shit. That's what it takes to win in the game" - Don Cannon of the Aphilliates

"M Phases blew me away with his sound" - Jake One

The Gold Coast Producer is no novice to Hip-Hop, having produced tracks that have featured artists such as Sean Price, CL Smooth, Skyzoo and Termanology. "Being from Australia and having the best producers in the game jumping around and going crazy for my beats was a huge thing for me and for my country.  Winning this battle has already opened up doors for me and I'm looking forward to the future", M Phazes explained about his recent victory.

One Stop Shop Round Up - M Phases

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