Casper and the House of David are well and truly a band on a mission. Hailing from the tiny Caribbean island of St. Vincent and inspired by a vision from God, Casper came to Jamaica to fulfil his destiny. Following in the footsteps of such heroes as Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Freddie McGregor, Casper wants to bring the spirituality back to the roots and reggae music he loves.

And they demonstrate this nowhere better than on new single Financial Storm – an articulate and intelligent critique of the modern material world.

“I see this inspirational music as the music for today and for tomorrow, for this generation and the next”, says Casper. “It uplifts the spirit of all mankind by stimulating thought and change, sharing God’s message”.

Casper left a career as a mechanic on his home island to follow his dream. In 1998 he released his first recordings in the form of a four song CD called The Question of Peace. However, it was when this record found its way to Joe Higgs that his career really took off.

Higgs, who has worked with legends such as Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff, heard something special in Casper’s music and took him under his wing. With Higgs’ help, Casper’s sound slowly developed. Later, Casper put together put together a group of some of Jamaica’s finest musicians.

The rhythm section of LeroyHorsemouthWallace on drums and Strickland Stone on bass have, between them, played with many of Reggae’s biggest names. They provide a tight backing for LloydObeahDenton’s keys, RohanFireballGordon’s guitar, and of course Casper’s inspirational vocals to work their magic.

Casper perfectly sums up what their music is all about. “It carries a message”, he says. “You need something slow and mellow where people can understand what you are saying. And you need skilful musicians to play the music right”.

The band’s three albums so far have been highly acclaimed and show that these are musicians perfectly in tune not only with one another, but with the music itself.

With the release of Financial Storm, Casper and the House of David have taken their music and their message to the next level. It’s time for the world to come along for the ride.

Casper and The House of David

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