Produkt are delighted to offer up a selection of exclusive PYMCA prints. Each photo is limited to 50 PRINTS ONLY. These are beautifully reproduced images of an emerging culture from a time when visual recording was highly limited.
From reggae to hip hop to acid house. Inclusions from illustrious British names such as Normski, Paul Hartnett and David Swindells affirm the sincerity of these snapshots, taken from within the musical subcultures they depict.

There’s also a strong graphical theme interspersed throughout, works of street art and imagery immortalised by the camera, now ready for you to keep.

Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive company (PYMCA). The UK-based independent is the world’s premier archive in its domain. An authority when it comes to the visual documentation of youth and subcultures, street fashions, movements and lifestyles.

Do not delay as these prints are available for a limited time and in limited quantities.

About Produkt…

Produkt exists to bring together some of the globe’s finest urban-inspired commodities, a hub for dynamic output from individuals and brands working within the creative industries.

Produkt serves those who ask for something that little bit more imaginative, who enjoy owning products that can spark conversation.

The look…

All visuals were produced by the ultra-talented Monorex collective, an up-and-coming team of multi-disciplinary artists based in London.

The design grew out of a love for the metropolis, street art, the city’s ongoing cycle of creation and decay, the intriguing fusion of real-life and make-believe, the cosiness of nostalgia. All bound by a nagging idyllic vision of sunbleached Latin America.

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Jai Boo - The Lioness Ya Car Tame CD [Wolftown]
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Tinie Tempah ft. Cleo Sol - Tears CD [DL Records]

Nobody cries anymore. Any physical display of our emotion must be galvanised in some egotistical sen [ ... ]



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