3Face - Different World CD [Gold Seal]3Face aka Jamie is one of those acts that seems to burst out of nowhere, probably because I have not been paying attention. He is a product of the Gold Seal Project - an initiative which gives training and mentoring to youths in the areas of music production and DJing etc.

This debut release on Gold Seal Records starts off with the title track Different World which makes use of a great soul sample from the Four Tops which, even in the long run should make this track stand out. Different World’s lyrics see 3Face contrasting a dreamstate where everything is great, people are getting paid and getting on together, and a waking reality where things are a little different. This ia a great mid-tempo track with banging drums and some nice strings.

The All Star version of Different World is to all intents and purposes a completely new track. The pitch is greatly sped up along with the Four Tops sample which comes out rather chipmunk style. This grimy version features guest vocals from Nolay, Wretch 32, Tinchy Stryder and Nasty Jack all of whom deliver their vocals with an energy which compliments the production.

The Electro Dream remix touches off with a house feel with its kick drum every other beat and electronic synths only adding to the feel. Some of 3Face’s vocals are sampled and repeated, but the verses are gone. As the song progresses it becomes increasingly hi-energy. It’s a well crafted track, but seems somewhat out of place and I’m not sure who it is meant to appeal to.

I Remember is much gentler and has an acoustic feel with the guitar backing and lack of drums. The track features the vocals of Alisha Bennett from X-Factor who makes the track doubly smooth. 3Face raps about things he remembers like his first kiss and what he got up to at McDonalds as a Kid. Bunking off, fake bus passes and school holidays sit next to doing a paper round, begging for the guy and making packed lunches.

The final track that finishes off this wide ranging offering is Draw Dat a track on a party vibe. 3Face drops double time raps about how he gets down in a club. What drinks he has and how he picks up girls.

3Face has done really well for himself with distribution from Orchard for the Digital sales and Universal for physical product, so he is with the big boys. With further releases planned as well as an animated video to come the future looks bright for 3Face.

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