The Metros and Toddla T ft. Trigganom - The Clubhouse Riddim MP3 [1965]A journalist’s dream, a chance to coin the name of a new genre. The new wave of new wave, grindie, slapcore, krautstep, new rave, whatever. The Clubhouse Riddim is the result of a mutual love of two of 1965's stable. On paper an indie band from Peckham and a bashment producer from Sheffield wouldn't appear the happiest bedfellows but the track shows that The Metros listened to the sound of the South London streets that they grew up on and that Toddla was doing the same in the steel city.

The Metros have been touring the length of the UK in support of their first two singles, leaving a trail of happy punters in their wake. Toddla has been DJing all over the shop, has produced three tracks on the new album by Roots Manuva and remixed Hot Chip and Jack Penate to name just two.

Featuring long time Toddla MC, Trigganom, the tune comes on with all the bouncy, bashy vibes you'd expect from a Toddla T production and is complimented by a strong dose of The Metros corblimey funk. This is a strange combination, but it works. I think this is because the track is basically a dancehall track and the inflence that the Metros have is superficial and doesn't overpower the vibe. They come into their own in the chorus.

Trigganom has a great sounding voice, but on a couple of occasions has too many syllables to fit in the line!

Both acts have two singles to their name and albums in the pipeline. More collaboration is planned. A new genre? Answers on a Postcard please.

The Metros’ own single “Last Of The Lookers” is out digitally and physically on June 2nd. The Clubhouse Riddim is available for free download on July 14th

The Metros

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