Social-Networking And Gaming Site Launches May, the flagship social networking and gaming site from digital platform owner Thirdeye-T, is launching in the UK in May 2008. Powered by ThirdEye-T’s revolutionary new software HoolaNet™, will combine console quality gaming with social networking, offering a street-car racing game, dating, movies, celebrity-making, music capabilities and an in-game comic.

With unprecedented access to high end content enables users to actively promote and sell their user-generated content within a World class platform, giving access to an international network of users, as well as benefit from an enormous variety of music and film programming, including exclusives only available through the site.

Thirdeye-T will also be launching the first versions of in five languages – English, Spanish, Hindi, Korean and Chinese - throughout 2008.

Basedrift – Console Quality Gaming Online

Created using console quality graphics, features a street racing game - the first console quality casual game available in an internet browser. Players are able to able to set up and run their own profiles, create bespoke street racing cars and compete against friends within global leader-boards for a range of quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly prizes, including anything from a real, custom-built street racing car to the quarterly grand prize of £50,000 in cash.

Basedrift – Social Networking
In addition to the street-racing game, is a self-perpetuating community. The site goes far beyond an average gaming based website, focusing on all aspects of social networking, including dating, celebrity-making, films, music, chat functions and an in-game comic. Players can race against friends and other community members, message each other, and upload music tracks and video clips, in addition to having a Little Black Book for dating purposes.

With greater emphasis on the community rather than an individual profile, the more a player participates, the more they receive in return. By connecting and voting for friends and other members of the community, players become eligible for prizes and rewards, including money, trips and even the opportunity to appear within the game and the in-game comic.

Basedrift – Music Promotion And Sale
Music is an integral part of, and all music elements of will be administered by Thirdeye- T’s own Drift Music Agency (DMA). Functioning as an A&R platform, online store and music PR agency, Basedrift and DMA are working with a broad variety of underground and developing artists, as well as established artists from major record labels and major independents, promoting and selling their catalogues within the platform.

DMA has a number of tools within the platform that it uses to raise the profile of artists, promoting artists, labels and their catalogues through in-game play lists, featured artist sections, digital radio shows, pre-release music market testing, demographically targeted release mechanism, live performances within the 3d environment and artist, producer and DJ competitions, all voted for by the user base.

Digital mp3 store and Music Subscription Service will also feature an in-site shop, selling underground and mainstream catalogues and merchandise. DMA will also be pioneering a combination of retail models, including a la carte, streaming subscription and sponsored music models, as well as allowing purchasing of tracks while still inside the game, via SMS text purchasing. Making use of Thirdeye-T’s unique technology to allow effective monetisation of the global music catalogue and fair distribution of revenues, is the first in-game sales platform available online and has redefined how music is promoted within the global online community.

One of the most attractive elements of the site is the amount of exclusive content it features, including tracks that have never been released. The catalogue reflects the very forefront of each genre, with a hand picked selection of underground and crossover artists including Cotti, Foreign Beggars, Florian Meindl, The Wrongstars, Kubrick, Flip Flop and many, many more across the broad spectrum of genres. Labels that have been selected, based on their status within their respective underground communities include Dented Records, Ranking Records, -30 and BassFace Records, Unstable Label and many others, including 145 record labels from the Kudos Distribution urban and dance music catalogue.

One key USP of the retail function of the site is that each user that purchases a track through the DMA / BD site will automatically become a ‘retail shopfront’ for the track, whereby they are rewarded in points every time another user purchases the track by linking to the store through their playlist.

Within the music subscription service, users have unlimited access to the exclusive DMA catalogue, and can discover new and exclusive content through sharing playlists with friends within the user community. In order to ensure that BaseDrift always provides locally relevant, cutting edge underground music and exclusive content to its national and regional gaming communities, DMA has a network of independent A&R representatives in each region, who are always monitoring their local music communities, looking for the next big thing on the urban landscape.

User-Generated Content
User-generated content plays a key role in the success of the A&R function, with Players able to upload music and video clips for the attention of the community and DMA. Players can promote their own music within the community, and DMA will be using a series of tools to monitor popular user-generated content, working with major labels and major independents as an A&R (Artistes & Repertoire) to secure recording contracts for promising artists within the community.

DMA has a number of tools within the platform that it uses to raise the profile of artists, promoting artists, labels and their catalogues through in-game play lists, featured artist sections, interviews, pre-release music market testing, demographically targeted release mechanism, live performances within the 3D environment and artist, producer and DJ competitions, all voted for by the user base. DMA has also integrated a beat agency within the site, whereby users can purchase or license instrumentals for remixing, and can even resubmit their remixes into galleries for self-promotion and eventual sale from the BaseDrift online store store.

Basedrift – Film Community
In addition to gaming, social networking and music, the site has teamed up with a major US film studio, allowing for promotion for upcoming films and games to the The user base will also have the ability to upload video, allowing independent filmmakers to distribute directly to the community. will offer free clips of films, and the opportunity to purchase the whole version in streaming video for a nominal fee.

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