Ewing - BiographyEwing hails from Scotland, and is now based in London. He  has been playing music from an early age, starting on piano at age 5. Recently returning from the US after working with acclaimed soul producer Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey on his demo for Island Records, where he worked with musicians who formed part of Stevie Wonder’s band as well as working for Michael Jackson and Chaka Khan.

Paul went on to win the Best Soul / Funk Artist in the recent INDY awards and was presented his award by the British Soul Icon, Omar. He is currently in talks with major record companies on both sides of the globe for his recently released EP and his forthcoming debut album.

EwingHe is also an accomplished actor and TV presenter, (with over 250 shows on British Television for the BBC including four series of the children’s favourite – “Tikkabilla”). He also has over 200 radio shows for the BBC including the collective worship programme for schools, Something To Think About. He has appeared on many radio plays for BBC radio 3 and 4 and also in a number of Radio plays in the US. A respected voice over artist, he has done many commercials and voice-overs for DVD’s as well as being the voice on the classical programme for Air China and Thai Airways and various other airlines.

Paul also worked for 18 months with the Royal Shakespeare Company, appearing in Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It and Comedy of Errors. He has toured the UK and Europe  with the theatre company Riding Lights as part of the Roughshod company, and in their production of A Different Drum and also appeared in their West End production of The Fire Raisers, by Max Frisch.

He coupled his acting skills with his musical ability landing the coveted role of Mozart in the award winning play Amadeaus by Peter Shaffaer to rave 5 star reviews in all the top national broadsheets, for Derby Playhouse’s 2004 production, following his 5 star performance as Puck in A Midsummer Nights Dream earlier in the season.

By:  Rashmi Shastri


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