Khia, aka Thug Misses, is set to drop her latest album Nasti Muzik. Known for her infamous 2002 smash club hit single, "My Neck, My Back", and her recent appearance on VH1's Miss Rap Supreme, Khia has returned to bring her sexually-driven lyrical prowess and southern charisma to her latest album.

Featuring Khia's straightforward attitude and no holds barred lyrical content, her latest effort is chock full of nasty tidbits, gritty raw beats, and Khia's knack for outrageous storytelling. On "Be Your Lady" Khia's rhymes about her latest male conquest leave nothing to the imagination: "We fuck in the car / We fuck in the house / I'll fix you breakfast butt naked while you eatin' me out". The scandalous lyrics are dropped over a derrty Southern beat with a head-nodding club flow.

The second single, "What They Do" featuring Gucci Mane, is steeped in synth keyboards and hand claps that act as a background for Khia and Gucci's wild stories about nights in Atlanta's strip clubs. Khia rhymes, "Drop low to your knees / Boy whistle on it / Then put that wood on it / Come in like you paid for it". The album also features a series of skits, both musical and comedic, that confront Khia's haters and are sure to spark new rivalries.

On each track Khia commands the listener's attention by being what she knows best; herself. Khia makes no attempt to fit into the mainstream mould or tone down her image to placate music execs or concerned parents. Instead, Khia is intent on an explicit musical revolution that is equal parts shocking and hilarious, all in the name of entertainment.

Nasti Muzik will be released August 19th, 2008 on Fat Cat Records and Tommy Boy Distribution.

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