Birdy Nam Nam Live At Koko 12th JulyBirdy Nam Nam are ready to hit up London just a scant two days before Bastille day. Now, those of you who've visited Paris might think it odd there's a whole day dedicated to overpriced croques monsiuers and one of the most perilous roundabouts in the western world, but y'all need to learn yourselves.

Bastille Day actually commemorates the day that Birdy's ancestors stormed the largest FNAC in the city and liberated the vinyl which years later the four man crew would use to begin their journey to the top of turntablist musicianship. At least it should. Either way, it's an honour to have them at this historic and French time of year. Especially with French support from DJ Kazey who is the hottest parisian since DJ Feadz. …THIS JUST IN! DJ Feadz (Ed Banger records) will also be playing.

Birdy Nam Nam are more than simply a DJ crew; more than just a gang of b-boys with a lot of time on their hands or hiphop geeks huddled together for security. Birdy Nam Nam are a group that won the DMCs and then dismissed it as being 'for nerds' (hahahahaha). Birdy Nam Nam make music so musical you'd swear it was music being played live. Birdy Nam Nam want to use the deck as an instrument so much they'll get their mate to play the xylophone or whatever, isolate one note and then press it to vinyl so they can scratch it up. Birdy Nam Nam are going to solve the food crisis and get Barak Obama elected. Birdy Nam Nam are goddamn French for ruddy fuck's sake ...REALIZE!

Movie soundtracks, world tours, dope albums and theatre scores, they've done all this and more. But Birdy Nam Nam are all in the performances and they have snatched up props from everyone and everywhere on the back of their revolutionary approach. It is their desire to move beyond the flashy displays of skill that dominate crew shows that have endeared them to their audience. Birdy Nam Nam create more layered, more fully realised music than anyone else with turntables and this July they're showing us how. We can't friggin wait.

Birdy Nam Nam
Plus DJ Kazey + DJ Feadz (Paris / Ed Banger)
Live at Koko 12 July '08
Special opening times - 9-3am

Birdy Nam Nam Live At Koko 12th July

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