Tanya Morgan Release The Bridge EPTanya Morgan, the loveable hip-hop trio hailing from Brooklyn and Cincinnati, have announced the release of The Bridge EP. Serving as a "bridge" between their previous works and their upcoming full-length release Brooklynati, the album is a re-introduction to the group that received industry props in 2006 with their critically acclaimed debut LP, Moonlighting.

The Bridge EP is available now on Bay Area record label Interdependent Media. It’s a eight track EP whets the appetite for their upcoming full-length album and as the group says, "The last time Brooklyn and Cincinnati got together a classic was made. We are Tanya Morgan. Welcome to The Bridge. You coming over with us?".

For those that don't know yet, Tanya Morgan is not your typical female. Rather “she” is actually a rap group comprised of three members. Donwill and Ilyas hail from Cincinnati, while Von Pea reps Brooklyn. Comprised of eight solid tracks plus one bonus cut, The Bridge EP provides a succinct sampling of the Tanya Morgan sound.

Steering clear of hip-hop clichés, Tanya Morgan have succeeded in crafting a unique brand of hip-hop. As Donwill explains, “We go to great lengths to make sure we don’t sound like everyone else. Instead of jam-packing our releases with different producers and guest emcees for attention, we carefully choose who we work with because we make it a priority to cultivate our own sound and identity".

The title track opens the record with Donwill rhyming, "Long time comin’ so its gotta be priority / record dealings / label woes left a bunch of bitter foes / band aid the band and we givin’ it another go". The song bounces over a looped piano line and the chorus brings it full circle as the three members chant in staccato succession, "The bridge!".

"Hip Hop is Dead II" showcases the unique lyrical ability of each member. Although criticizing what is currently going on in hip-hop, the group never sounds preachy and instead acts as a source of inspiration for the future of hip-hop. Ilyas rhymes, "We all got knowledge on the block but we won't apply it / I give you food for thought and you decide to diet".

On "Be You" the group breaks down their approach to the rap game by realizing that the best thing to do in the rap industry is to stay positive and to avoid being something you are not.

Tanya Morgan's debut full-length album, Moonlighting, built an underground buzz after receiving kudos from both critics and their peers. Moonlighting made ?uestlove's list of Top 10 albums of 2006, received praise in XXL's Chairman's Choice, and got a 3.5 mic rating from The Source. Tanya Morgan will be touring extensively in support of The Bridge EP, as well as finishing their second full-length album, which will be released this autumn.

Tanya Morgan - The Bridge EP [Interdependent Media]

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