Roots Manuva - Buff Nuff CD [Big Dada]We have all been waiting for ages for this. There was stories that Roots Manuva had been dropped, but this was obviously bunkum with Roots being one of the label’s most successful artists. So now the wait is over as Roots Manuva releases the first single from his forthcoming LP.

Mr Manuva comes blazing back into action with the wonderful “Buff Nuff”, a slice of pumping high energy Sheffield dancehall electronica cooked up by the awesome producer Toddla T. The single bounces hard and should be another smash for Roots Manuva. The single has been mixed by the mighty Ross Orton (M.I.A. etc) and weighed down with lyrical wonderment and silly genius by the one and only Rodney Smith.

Propulsive, is that a word?, compulsive, half sexy and half really funny, “Buff Nuff” consists of Mr Manuva begging a girl for it, offering incentives including a ride on his pushbike, and packing in the treble entendres like prophylactics in an 18-30s tour rep’s suitcase.

Roots Manuva as we all know is capable of producing outstanding videos, reference the school sports day madness of his “Witness” promo, where he has shown himself to be far more interested in having a good time than in looking cool. But unfortunately has also made a few videos for the sake of it such as “Dreamy Days”.

“Buff Nuff” directed by Alastair Siddons (who directed “Too Cold” for the last Roots Manuva campaign, as well as work for The Streets and Mitchell Brothers, and has currently just finished up the feature length breakdance documentary “Turn It Loose”), features Roots Manuva and long-time associate Ricky Ranking as an itinerant ice cream salesman, rocking a wig that would put Rick James to shame. Parked in a yard off a park next to a soundsystem, Roots calls the local girls with his jingle and sets about wooing the good women of Hackney with cones full of creamy goodness. It is shot in a technicolour style ready for the summer. A return to form - we think so.

Zane Lowe has already declared this to be one of the hottest records of the year on his Radio One show, “Buff Nuff” heralds the release of Roots’ forthcoming album entitled “Slime & Reason” which is set to drop on August 25th. As ever Roots Manuva’s music comes off on a freewheeling, reggae-drenched form which made “Run Come Save Me” an all-time classic. Unfortunatly though the cover is rubbish. Best just listen to the music and vatch the video then!

Roots Manuva

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