Tinie Tempah ft. Cleo Sol - Tears CD [DL Records]Nobody cries anymore. Any physical display of our emotion must be galvanised in some egotistical sense of pride and power. "Tinie Tempah" has certainly developed as an artist. But he hasn't changed one bit. We met him as the straight talking, catchy melody creating, London bred talent only a couple of years ago. His success was immediate and imminent.

"Hood Economics" was Tinie's full introduction to his eagerly awaiting audience. It was a diverse collection of personality and originality. With lyrical content that was often affectively colloquial, both sometimes wove itself deeper down, it was an introduction everybody wanted to hear.

"Tears" is Tinie's opportunity as such a quickly established artist, to securely staple his affect on his audiences. Again, he is refusing to be anyone other than who he is, and he remains on ground level with many of us. Tears is a break up track. The title is a roundup of the main thing he wants to avoid. Not the girl. Not the love. Not the pain. The tears. And apprently, how other people chat about his relationships... "No matter if I feel it inside - tears won't fall from my eyes".

Tinie is no stranger to the chipmunk pitching we've grown so used to hearing. He's also one of the few artists to repeatedly carry it off y only placing it where it fits in a complimentary role to the other vocals.

Tears could carry its own weight in several UK charts, Channel U and 1Xtra and such likes. And, due to his upcoming Jay Z hook up and US reception, it will go down a treat there also. There are no surprises here. Only confirmations of our high expectations. Personally, I'd like to see some of the more intricate lyrics and diverse consciousness we saw in parts of Hood Economics; appear as a single. Something people can enjoy but learn from at the same time. Because although this track it well put together and catchy in its own right - it's not telling us anything we don't already know. It would be a shame for people to buy into the song only, forgetting the artist, the intellect and the blatant talent that is perched above it.

By Nino

Tinie Tempah

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