Bare Beats - A Spare Minute [Audio]With the up and coming release of Modulok & Bare Beats 'Two Cities', Beats is dropping a free promo CD & digital download of some exclusive tracks and remixes. Eight tracks deep, this mini album is straight up head nodding magic, Beats keeping it raw & gritty as always with all the mc’s fitting the project tightly.

Beats just keeps it moving, whether it be major or minor he just wants his music to be heard. With another album already made and a host of projects in the pipeline, this is one producer that you need to keep an eye on. Every order made through the Bare Records site will receive a free cd (subject to stock) or you can just search the net and find the download links.


01. What Up Intro
02. Bad Men (Exclusive)- Modulok
03. Insomia (Remix) - Modulok
04. Pysic Dictarship (Remix) - Modulok
05. Keep me Awake (Remix) - 777
06. Can't Turn the Hands Back (Exclusive) - Beit Nun
07. Mascot - Kemi ft, Smokey
08. Turn (Exclusive) - Smokey

A Spare Minute features; Modulok (Red Ants), 777 (Innit Records), Beit Nun (Innit Records), Smokey (Bare Records) and Kemi.

Bare Beats - A Spare Minute [Audio]

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