Low Deep - Unsung CD [Colourful State]One of the most original and versatile producers to emerge from the UK’s Grime scene, the Luton lad behind 2005’s ground-breaking ‘Straight Flush’ is ready to drop his debut producer-as-artist album, ‘Unsung’. Featuring some of the most respected names in the UK grime / hip hop scenes such as Ghetto, Ruff Squad, Asher D, Narstie, No Lay and Gappy Ranx, ‘Unsung’ reveals a producer just as comfortable weaving soulful R&B melodies as he is grinding out whip-sharp beats.

Having released an album of his most notable ‘Instrumentals’ in December last year, Low Deep switches gear to deliver a slew of well-crafted, hook heavy productions... tracks that aren’t just about tearing up the floor (though they undoubtedly do) - but going deeper, fusing a myriad of influences including classical and rock - all within his multi-layered, intelligent urban style.

This hardworking, dedicated 21 year old has been crafting beats for four years now, having hit the ground running with his acclaimed debut ‘Straight Flush’ - a proto-urban classic bomb - released on Colourful State in 2005. Voted no 7 in 1Xtra’s Hot 50 of that year, (up against artists such as 50 Cent, Sean Paul and Lil Kim) ‘Straight Flush’ lodged itself in the number 1 slot in the UK Garage charts and sold over 2000 initial copies on an underground scene that was hungry for something new, bold and boundary-breaking.

Several celebrated releases on Colourful State followed including the Take Over EP and Eyes On Me EP (both hitting the top spot in 1xtra’s UKG chart). Producing on Kano’s ‘Nite Nite’ (679 Records) as well as the massive ‘Get Set’ for Run The Road 2, Low Deep’s skills have been heard on many top compilations and albums from Tim Westwood Vol. 10 to DJ Cameo’s ‘Sound of The Pirates’.

Now it’s time for Low Deep to set the pace with his fully-fledged producer album ‘Unsung’ - already supported by 1Xtra’s DJ Cameo, Kiss FM’s Logan Sama, BBC Asian Network’s DJ Limelight & Kan da Man, and across the pirate network.

Release Date: 8th September 2008

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Low Deep - Unsung CD [Colourful State]

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