12 O'Clock - BiographyAs one of the most well known Wu-Tang Clan affiliates, outside of the nine original members, 12 O'Clock has already made a mark for himself in the rap world. Born in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, 12 O'Clock was surrounded by the hip-hop culture from an early age. Then at the age of eight, he was forced to grow up fast as he suffered the loss of his mother.

It was at this time that he moved in with his Aunt Cherry. While living there he began to tag along with his older cousin everywhere that he could. This cousin quickly became an older brother to 12, teaching him all the things a young man needs to know. 12's big brother later became known to the world as the Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Growing up around the Wu-Tang Clan and being related to the members, 12 O'Clock was just a teenager along for the ride when the group began rising to International fame in the mid-nineties. He has appeared on every Ol' Dirty Bastard album ever released, as well as multiple Wu-Tang Clan albums. Having collaborated with seven of the nine members already, 12 is one of the mainstays within the legendary group.

As a solo artist, 12 O'Clock was previously signed to Def Jam Recordings. He has appeared on albums that have been released on various other major labels, including Priority Records, Columbia Records and Elektra Records, amongst many other independent labels.

As the next generation of the Wu-Tang Clan, 12 O'Clock is back in the studio to record his as yet titled album to be released in early 2007. He is ready to reintroduce the Wu-Tang style to the world while remembering his brother. "I will make sure the legacy of ODB lives on. Our legacy is his legacy, we come from the same tree", says 12 O'Clock. The next generation of the Wu-Tang Clan is here.

12 O'Clock

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