Yaeo - Call Tha Police [Video]Mud Family member and chief of MohawkGangEntertainment - Yaeo has just released his new banger of a single 'Call Tha Police' which you can download now on iTunes. Yaeo has worked with and shined next to some of the biggest names of the uk hip hop scene, Skinnyman, Taskforce and Blade to name a few. Himself a graf artist for the last ten years, dropped his first DJ Mixtape in 2000.

After the success of widely acclaimed 'Last of Tha Mohawks' EP in 2005, Yaeo re-organised his surroundings. In 2008 Yaeo and his Mohawk Gang with their headquaters in Brixton, London, have set out on a mission to enrich the scene with authentic and banging hiphop and rap. The single and video to 'Call Tha Police' are the first stop of the Mohawk's movement. Set in Brixton the song deals with the daily harrassment and violence towards local communities. At the same time it is a tribute to Jean Charles de Menezes who was innocently shot by a gang of police officers at Stockwell tube station in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings.

Watch for Yaeo featured on the DeeJay Tomahawk Mixtape and Yaeo's highly anticipated solo album entitled 'No Comment'... for more info check him at:

youtube bhh channel

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