Kali Campbell - When You Get Home mp3 [Thugline Records]The singer from Westchester, NY delivers a soulful laid back track with "When You Get Home". I'm not usually a fan of RnB tracks like this, but its something about her voice that makes you WANT to listen to more.

The track is easy to listen to and very laid back and her voice is so hypnotising you can't turn it off, she doesn't sound as if she's trying too hard either which makes the track even more amazing.

The beat is simple and not too overpowering and combined with her voice makes the track a definite hit. Usually you can tell when a singer is trying a bit too hard when singing but, Kali Campbell doesn't and the track just flows and I'm eager to see what other tracks she puts out and of course they have to be better, and better than this will be phenomenal!

If you're not a fan of RnB you will be after you hear her sing!

By:  Nikhil Sharma

Kali Campbell

youtube bhh channel

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