Foot Locker Unveils Adidas Bounce CollectionFoot Locker and adidas exclusively launch the fresh and enhanced adidas Bounce collection featuring futuristic new colourways, giving sneaker heads an ‘unfair advantage’ in the chase for style. Set to bound into Foot Locker locations nationwide from September 8th, and sure to be the slickest treds on the street, adidas Bounce returns energy at every step.

Exclusive to Foot Locker, the sneakers ensure the wearer stays strides ahead of the competition and becomes an enhancement of their performance in the fashion stakes.

Since its conception, the adidas Bounce has undergone a stylish update. Available in innovative colours and fashion forward finishes, including pearlescent patent black and sleek metallic, the iconic adidas Bounce and Foot Locker continue to push sneaker freaks forward in the race for the freshest kicks. Even the insole of the adidas Bounce has been given a facelift with a new distinctive graphic print adding exclusivity from the inside out.

Adidas Bounce Collection

The adidas Bounce features a contrast of materials such as mesh uppers encased by steel-like metallic leather, shielding feet from jealous onlookers. The technology of the adidas Bounce trainer is like no other; the opalescent breathable mesh upper matched with supreme BOUNCE™ cushioning, not to mention the revolutionary Bounce technology, is guaranteed to give an ‘unfair advantage’ in the climb towards fashion supremacy.

The adidas Bounce collection is another huge Foot Locker exclusive proving that when it comes to leading sneaker originality, Foot Locker continues to bring sneaker aficionados the latest and greatest from the biggest names on the planet. For more information, visit:

youtube bhh channel

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