Yaeo - Bank Roll [Audio]Yaeo is the one time graf artist, member of the MudFam and MohawkGangEnt CEO. He is on the rise right now trying to establish himself in the game. After we brought you the video for Yaeo's Call Tha Police he quickly knocked up a blinding track - full of aggro and delivered with sincerity and was kind enough to drop off this exclusive track for all of us at Britishhiphop.co.uk.

The track entitled Bank Roll is the story of Yaeo being tired with his skint life, but he's still determined to represent for his fam as well as himself. It a taster of more of the niceness to come from Yaeo.

Watch for Yaeo featured on the DeeJay Tomahawk Mixtape and Yaeo's highly anticipated solo album entitled 'No Comment'... for more info check him at:


youtube bhh channel

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