Late - Below Street Level LP [Wolftown]Due out on October 20th, Late’s new album ‘Below Street Level’ is entirely produced by fellow Wolftownian Tricksta. On his latest LP, LATE bridges the UK/US divide with dexterity; the Atlantic Ocean needs to fall back, nothing stops this man from building bridges!

With his methodically clear flow and straightforward lyrics, Late isn’t the most lyrical rapper but his strength is in his ability to communicate – a skill that has got him many, many places. His other chief talent is making a positive message sound so hardcore – much needed by the fans of the MC’s he makes moves with.

West Coast, Dirty South, Ohio and Wolverhampton are well represented across the 14 tracks of gully, US sounding production. Stand out track ‘It’s Nothin’’ features the awesome drawl of Willie D of The Geto Boys over a slow burning West Coast beat. Geezy and JT The Bigga Figga take time out of their Thizz / Hyphy duties to sound threatening over Tricksta’s moody track.

‘Below Street Level’ is a brooding outing from one of Wolftown’s hardest working although ‘Supply & Demand’ is a wispily mellow tale of a life spent hustling rap music – chill to that one! ‘I Need To Get Away’ follows and has a holiday vibe - ‘Couple of hours on the motorway and I reach / It’s not sunny Spain but at least it’s a beach’ – Late praises the simple pleasures of a British holiday resort.

‘Below Street Level’ is an innovative take on rap music, one that is beginning to be replicated by other MC’s reaching out over seas for collaborations. Remember who did it first!

By: Aidan Severs |

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