From the worlds of New York, Vancouver and Sydney prepare for a night of street inspired spoken word and dance. Two 2 man shows combining physical and verbal gymnastics, beatbox, stellar improvisation, Hip Hop Theatre and life stories meet head to head.

Boom Bap Meditations follows the journey of Baba Israel from his native New York to his mother’s homeland of Australia. Watch this white boy discover Hip Hop, earn his stripes as a street performer, Hip Hop artist and arts educator as he physically morphs from character to character; lesbian emcees to stoned college Hip Hop fans, Aussie Hip Hoppers to beatboxing senior citizens. Backed by Yako 440 on keys, bass and beats he confronts a history of white appropriation of black music and culture while celebrating the tangible connections music makes across the colour line.

Baba Israel and Yako 440

In Showtime! Canadian Hip Hop dance artist Jojo Zolina and Australian Hip Hop theatre artist Morganics combine in a mix of physical articulation and verbal dexterity. Jojo melds a diverse fusion of dance styles from traditional folk dance and Hip Hop, to vogueing, dancehall, contemporary and krumping. As a formidable actor, MC, beatboxer, Bboy and spoken word artist Morganics comes fresh with his own unique theatrical style. Together they mine the intersection of poetic and physical forms, improvisation and personal narratives in a fascinating meeting of worlds.

Its at the Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London, SE8 4AG. Fri 17 October & Saturday 18 October, 8pm.


Box Office: 020 8692 4446
Price: £10 or £6 rate to all British Hip Hop subscribers - QUOTE HIPHOPUK when booking.

Yako 440

youtube bhh channel

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