Thanks for visiting the site and for taking the time out to do this. If you login on the front page, there is a login box on the left at (best to tick the remember me box) and then a new menu will appear in the same place with options to submit news and links etc.

Fill in the info and press the picture of a disk to save.

Hopefully easy, I'll get notified and authorise them. It would be great if you could link me back in some way -

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Selected Articles:

Koushik - Nothing's the Same 7" [Stone's Throw]
Koushik - Nothing's the Same 7

Although hailing from a Hip Hop background - check his remix EP’s for the science - Canadian b [ ... ]

Hypes - Energy Overload 12" [Nonstop Recordz]
Hypes - Energy Overload 12

Energy! Energy! Energy! That's the call, as hypes attacks this Deeco produced banger. Fresh off the  [ ... ]

Yorkshireguese - Bringing Cod Peace and Love
Yorkshireguese - Bringing Cod Peace and Love

Admittedly this interview is more conversation than interview; I was hyped, in no way detached, thor [ ... ]

Caspa - Biography
Caspa - Biography

Caspa, from Luton, can only be described as an 'artist', he is extremely heartfelt and talented. His [ ... ]

Unfriendly Neighbours - Starvin Artist Movement Mi...
Unfriendly Neighbours - Starvin Artist Movement Mixtape Volume 1 CD [Rusty Jukebox]

Joe Gutta (aka Gordon Bennett) and Bigga Man are MC’s from the West Midlands who have come tog [ ... ]



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