DominoDomino sheds new light on Hiero's slept-on and underrated tracks. Hiero Imperium CEO and producer extraordinaire Domino hosts the latest edition of the Hieroglyphics' Podcast. Domino takes listeners on a tour of tracks that he feels have been overlooked and merit another listen.

The 6 tracks span a decade and feature Hiero stalwarts Opio, Pep Love, O.C., Encore, Casual, and the Hieroglyphics.

For those unfamiliar with the Hierocast, the format is much more "behind-the-music" than frenzied mixtape. Domino's commentary gives the songs context that listeners can't get anywhere else by providing the background stories and underlying concepts of the tracks. Speaking about the Hieroglyphics' track "Shout It Out", Domino explains, "The vibe of this song is what Hieroglyphics is all about. It was originally recorded for the Full Circle album, but didn't make the album. Now when I listen to it I wonder why it didn't make it". Domino introduces O.C.'s track "Emotions" by saying, "One of the things I respect O.C. for is that he has always been able to make songs that have depth and are reflective. O.C. is a true lyricist".

Heiroglyphics crewHiero Imperium Records is an artist owned and run label based in Oakland, California. Hiero's artists have sold over 1 million units and the label was one of the first record companies (indie or major) to embrace technology as a new way to connect with fans and disseminate music.

Track listing:

  • Opio featuring Planet Asia - "Grassy Knoll" from the album Triangulation Station
  • Hieroglyphics - "Shout It Out" from the Full Circle Tour DVD
  • O.C. - "Emotions" from the album Smoke and Mirrors
  • Encore - "The Schizm" from the album Layover
  • Hieroglyphics featuring Pep Love - "After Dark" from the album Third Eye Vision
  • Casual - "Styles" from the album Casual Presents: Smash Rockwell

The podcast can be downloaded from the following sources:

youtube bhh channel

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