Children Of The Can: 25 Years of Bristol GraffitiChildren Of The Can: 25 Years of Bristol Graffiti documents the Bristol graffiti story from the early days of 3D’s New York-inspired work and John Nation's grass roots influence at the Barton Hill Youth Club to the current crop of artists who have helped to make Bristol’s graffiti scene one of the UK's most influential and diverse. Children Of The Can features the work of all the city's best-known and (until now) slept-on talent, including:

2Keen, 3D, Awkward, Banksy, Cheo, China Mike, Filthy Luker, Haka, Inkie, Jeff Row, Jody, Just Another Crew, Kato, KTF, Lokey, Mr.Jago, Mudwig, Nick Walker, Rowdy, Shimz, Sickboy, Soker, Souls On Fire, TNP, TUB, Turoe, Twentieth Century Frescoes, What Collective, Will Barras, The Z-Boys and many more…

Felix FLXBraun started writing graffiti in the mid-80s and grew up with the Bristol scene painting alongside the likes of Inkie and Nick Walker. He continues to live and paint in the city and has unrivalled access to the artists and their work. Here, they tell their stories in their own words. Most of the pictures in Children of the Can have never before been published and many have been provided from the artists’ sketchbooks and private collections.

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Nick Walker

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