English KidEnglish Kid has been the host of UK UNSIGNED for the past two years and is now making a name for himself as one of London's hottest MCs. Partnering with Ria, south London's hot new female MC, he brings to us the explosive new track "Just Too Grilly".

"Just Too Grilly" goes through the day in the life of the dirt and grime of "Pecknam" and other local south London areas. The track brings to life the daily hardships, issues and problems that young people in London's inner city areas now face, but does so with a sublime bassline and mesmerising rythmn on top.

English Kid "Just Too Grilly" is currently being power played by Choice FM and is now about to be featured on BBC 1Xtra. Support UK Talent, get hold of "Just Too Grilly" when it's released in 2006, and keep supporting English Kid in his shows in and around town.

You can get more info on the kid by texting "Englishkid" to 83211.

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