Dap-C And Lil' Wayne - Ma Money EP [NGU]Now this is a strange one; Newcastle’s Dap-C and New Orleans’ Lil’ Wayne on a track together. Lil’ Wayne isn’t usually to my taste and the jury’s out on Dap-C but this release may change my mind.

Ma Money’ is a good track. I even prefer Lil’ Wayne’s verse over Dap-C’s, in fact Wayne’s is just straight fire whereas Dap’s is a bit shouty and high pitched. The production is on a big dirty south tip and it stands up to some of the biggest tracks outta the south.

Ma Money part 2’ is even better, it features Royce da 5’9 and a song-long guitar solo; the instrumental is entirely different and it suits Dap-C, Lil’ Wayne and Royce a whole lot better. ‘Ma Money part 3’consists of a brassy production and a handful of UK MC’s and it’s not as good as the other two parts. The ‘Nasty Boi Remix’ has a nice rock edge to it – worth checking.

Bang Bang Bang’ isn’t bad but it’s nothing special and it’s made worse by the presence of Geejay. ‘I’m Still Here’, the US MC heavy track, is OK too but it doesn’t really compare to an actual American track - it comes off a bit weak.

‘Ma Money’ parts 1 and 2 are really worth a listen, get your hands on this to hear those tracks and who knows, some of the others may take your fancy too. Dap-C gets respect for linking with one of the hottest artists in the Hip Hop world. UK/US link-ups are still thin on the ground and they’re certainly a way to make some fresh and diverse Hip Hop so right now, I can’t hate.

By: Certified Banger | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

Dap-C And Lil' Wayne - Ma Money EP [NGU]

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